Tuesday, 10 November 2009

You're A Trip, Baby!

The toilet bacteria vocals of Nana Siobhan Fahey are back on new Shakespear's Sister material: It's A Trip thankfully gets jiggier with it than the vibrator slog Pulsatron, and even shimmies harder than Bitter Pill. Her vocals (like a throat lined with dry warts) are actually very Bowie-esque, but of course women are not allowed to be non-singers the way men are. Some of my favourite vocalists cannot technically sing, and Siob is one of those rare talents, who with their supposed lack of, are able to transcend their limitations and have you completely at their mercy. I love the new video uploaded to youtube - the footage almost presents her as a new artist ready to be caught in the web of a record label:

The brand 'new' album is called Songs From The Red Room and is released on 16 November 2009.

1. Pulsatron (whitey mix)
2. Bad blood
3. Was it woth it? (with terry hall)
4. It's a trip
5. Hot room
6. A man in uniform
7. You're alone
8. Bitter pill
9. Cold
10. You're not yourself
11. A loaded gun
12. Bad blood (jagz kooner mix - at edit)
13. Pulsatron (gully mix)
14. Cold death in vegas mix)

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