Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Cyndi From Da Hood

Above: from umbrella-hats to Lil' Kim sit-downs to Wyclef-collabs, Cyndi is the queen of rnb.

Fan of the tan Cyndi Lauper, busy on the US Celebrity Apprentice (shame on the BBC for not showing this), has recorded a song with Wycleff called Slumdog Millionaire: whilst I am not a serious believer in the former Fugee, he can sometimes squeeze out pleasant sounds such as... well whilst I try to think of some, here is the Cyn song:

It sounds like a cross between M.I.A's Paper Planes and Lauper's own street-classic I Want A Mom That Will Last Forever. I just love the swirling synths rippling into the sky, which remind me of those from the Eurythmics Savage album (trust me, it does) - it is still miles better than Madonna's RubNBelch Hard Candy album.

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Mike said...

I like it! Don't suppose you can help a girl out with an mp3?!