Monday, 10 May 2010

Diva Incarnate Single of The Week: Hurts - Better Than Love

Exerting the kind of maculine authority over a pop song I have not experienced since discovering Depeche Mode, Manchunian synthesised duo Hurts lead singer Theo Hutchcraft is a striking version of one of either lead guy from Bros (although truth be told it is keyboard violater Adam Anderson, pictured above left, who has the devastating beauty). To make things even more seductively homo-erotic, kleenex-bothering and teutonically glamorous, they have already worked with Anton Corbijn. MTV2's single of the week Better Than Love is an aching slice of tuneful techno-utopia or techon-dystopia. Such romantic despair is regal as it is satisyingly joyful: the strain to his voice complies with a sense of seductive cynicism pulsating through the amorously suspicious synths.

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