Monday, 10 May 2010

Elin Lanto - Tickles Video

Currently giving my treadmill slogs an extra push of Hi-NRG motivation, Elin Lanto's devlish turn at playing cute on her new single Tickles could solve the world's obesity problems. I seriously love the high volume of the hairsprayed FM drivetime chorus from the Jane Wiedlin spiked album version, but you can't beat the enivograting rush from the Almighty remix for making the thought of a gross gay club that stinks off piss if you stand too close to the toilets seem like the perfect place to spend your Saturday night.

Despite a nose that belongs to one of the Mario brothers, Lanto looks like a goddess in the video, which shot it's load fresh today. It is only too familiar how impossible it is to get anything done until one is 'finished' indeed - hell I have quit jobs before because I've had 'work' to do myself. My favourite moment is the shot where Elin signals whatever's happening is being done 'hands free', what a tramp!

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