Thursday, 13 May 2010

Infernal - Love Is All

Above: Paw can scratch me any day, etc.

Infernal are back with their new release Love Is All - it's not the greatest of lead singles, but reliably delivers their token elements of a quaking-but-tender vocal from Lina and Paw's talent for a good pounding (dance beat of course). I like the new dimension to Lina's voice, that is the good news. However, sometimes I tense up when acts I like release new music, as it can become more about listening for 'a hit' rather than just a song that I can enjoy when cutting my nails or googling for pictures of hetrosexual Hollywood actors. Anyway, I like the thirsty trance sound, but dance songs need to be sharp and lyrically attention-grabbing to become hits: this happens to fall into middle of the road territory for an accomplished act who certainly never fail to produce well-crafted pop songs in the mould of a commercial dance format, but I have to admit that it sounds a tad flat and half-baked. I always wanted Dannii to beg Paw to write her something along the lines of Keen On Disco, but despite sounding good this is a bit of a slump for them I think.

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