Saturday, 1 May 2010

I Will Be Your Hetro Baby (Part 3)

Yes, it has been a while and without revealing too much about why I go through so much toilet roll when left to my own devices, here is the sleazey unreleased Enrique video for one of my favourite maudlin songs of his, Sad Eyes (truth be told I prefer the Patrick Leonard co-write I'm Your Man), which was taken from his English-language debut. I reviewed the album self-titled soon after I started blogging here, and still believe Iglesias to be a genuine pop star and not simply Kleenex's secret weapon.

Expect more Enrique posts!



oh my! hot video. i actually don't mind him. i just wish he'd stop trying to compete again with the next gen of pop stars. those days have passed. he should just focus on keeping his existing fan base happy and making good music.

Diva Incarnate said...

I hope he learned his lesson from Insomnia - ballads that can be remixed and songs that sound like remixed ballads are his niche. The guy is a paragon though - very sexless but you could always be proven wrong!