Thursday, 13 May 2010

Jenny Berggren Wants Some of Kylie's Stateside Action

I always knew Kylie's All I See video had changed the Rn'B genre forever, but who knew it would inspire Sweden's answer to Cher, Jenny Berggren to follow suit? Since it is now impossible to analyze a female solo artist's music video without comparing her to other women, I'll say that Cher, Siouxsie Sioux and Karen O are points of reference for my own enjoyment, but the best moment is where the once dowdy half of Ace of Base looks like the chubby girl from Alphabeat.

Two things do stand out though: her amazing cheekbones that would even be the envy of gay Eastern European porn stars. All I can say is what a treat it is to have one of the reasons I grew up to love music so much still releasing music and continuing to re-invent herself. The video is very simple, but slick and effective.

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Stella said...

Jenny Rules!!!!