Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Leona & J-Hud Wail It Out

Above: My Little Pony is clearly SJP's colour.

As already featured on Mr Will-W's Pop Maven blog, Leona Lewis gets her 8th lifeline via a whispery Sex & The City duet with Jennifer Hudson, hilariously titled Love Is Your Colour (how edy of them - they are 'totally' copying Lady Gaga, etc). It is a safe aliance of shitness, wherein the track does not exactly need to be a hit as opposed to just padding out her CV, but she does get to hold on to the stock value of Hudson's consistent quality of style and the (fading) hype of SATC for dear life in the hope that she isn't completely written off by the time album number 3 drops, which will be make or break time for the X-Factor champ's chances to prove herself as some sort of international superstar. Syco isn't that loyal, just ask Sinitta who is reduced to wearing leaves and slagging off Dannii Minogue for column inches, so the watered down, wishy washy Enya warblers are not gonna fly. And for what it is worth, Ms. Hudson wins the show.

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