Monday, 5 July 2010

I Miss Liking The Saturdays

Above: 'stop right now, thank you very much'.

I ain't even gonna 'pretend' that I like the Saturdays, but Ego was quite the chavalicious grrrrr-fest of an anthem for me just before Christmas. They lack any kind of chemistry as a unit together - the moment one of these girls smell 'solo career' forever is all over. Until then it's celebrity boyfriends and magazine spreads and maybe even a little performing on stage at the odd gay venue. I understand full-well that 'manufactured' pop or otherwise no longer has the TV circuit to perform and flaunt as it once did back in the golden age of pop 1995-2003 but I don't get why my favourite artists all seem to have their music careers down as some sort of vanity project. I'm losing some steam here in my argument, but what the Saturdays represent to me is just an echo of what pop acts used to be. Last album Wordshaker was a bizarre Hepburn tribute affair and new single Missing You is all kinds of supermarket's-own-brand JLS rip-off. The promotional clip is also a hilarious homage to Atomic Kitten's groundbreaking It's Okay video. My favourite member Frankie is auto-tuned to fuck and their flowing dresses make them look positioned far too close - where are the sweeping camera scans to soak up the landscape? Polished, but still a turd. 3rd 'album' in as many years Headlines (an E.P with some of their singles added on) is due soon. Ego was, after all, their second biggest selling single so maybe their label will have corrected the mistakes of Wordshaker but I highly doubt it.

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