Thursday, 1 July 2010

Kim Wilde - Lights Down Low

Catch As Catch Can album eview can be found here!

What a gigantic fizzy stomper this is - who knew Kim Wilde had it in her (again)? I must say, You Came is in my top ten songs of all time so I shouldn't exaggerate low expectations - I just didn't think she would ever sound this vivacious and hungry for it again. And no, the DJ is not Boris Becker. The big BIG comeback single Lights Down Low is so amazing it doesn't even need a remix (although obviously they would be welcome at some point, Freemasons are you reading?).

Catch As Catch Can album review can be found here!


Anonymous said...

it is a FANTASTIC song -one of her best.

Diva Incarnate said...

I absolutely agree, this song really deserves to be a hit.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess it is already Big HIT!!! Fantastic!!! Kim rocks the summer, and finally pop again is becoming wilde/e

Anonymous said...

I love love the song its Kim Wilde'
s Best

JP.M said...

Unfortunately, this video created by my departure to the Polish friends and fans of Kim Wilde has been removed but it is still on youtube.
It will take until August 13 to have it in cd, thank you all, JP.M