Thursday, 8 July 2010

Price's Back

Despite her popularity diving even lower than her morals, Katie Price can find consolation in her stunning victory against prostitution with the new diva pride single Freemasons To Love Again wherein she activates her unstoppable understanding of the 21st century consumer fetish for trash. Her gritty ecumenical pledge to fuck for free has now leaked and has the aftertaste that may well be Durex, but being fast-paced and flavored with gospel piano, for me, this conjunction adds a perverse fillip to an already attractive setup and I am sure the rubbish gays from all over THE WORLD can use any kind of salvation that comes their way. Katie is the new Queen of Hearts and Diana would approve. I just wish Jodie Marsh would hurry the fuck up with her own dance single for a chart battle...

Best single of 2010?

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