Saturday, 17 July 2010

JX - A Brief Remembrance

The jittery Hi-NRG-trance of JX's There's Nothing I Won't Do presents a huge case for being the anthem of 90s dance. There were so many to choose from, not least Vanilla's two Xeonomania make-overs, but it's effective hook and unforgettable ad-libs kind of vanished through the horizon point well before most songs get past the first verse. Leaving a trail of minor hits as their legacy, the act briefly made a comeback in 2004 with the one-off single release called Restless, a less fearlessly frantic pursuit but nevertheless was on my cross-trainer playlist at the time for months. Whoring themselves out on the PA circuit, I was there but sadly they couldn't be bothered belting out their signature smash and I was not impressed.

What a shame there was no album as - unique for a 90s dance act that had more than just one single - they were never camp, 'chav' or girlie, and I'm guessing album sales probably would be consistent as far as casual interest purchases go. The mighty Shena, who was their original vocalist, has since ditched the techno for cheepskate retro offerings that are just begging for bigger, beltier productions, but we can live and hope that a more fulfilling reunion might be on the cards eventually. However, DJ Jake Williams has found ongoing success as Rex The Dog. Poor Shena.

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Anonymous said...

I adore JX, and am gutted there was never an album. Mucho loveage of the bloggage! xx